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About Me:

My name is Lina Zussino, I am married to Steven a loving and funny man. We are excited to be expecting our first child! We live on the west coast of Canada in beautiful Victoria, BC. Although I love Victoria, and enjoy the beauty the west coast offers, my biggest challenge is the cost of living on Vancouver Island. I also love the comforts of home but I am minimalist and do not like to spend money on material goods. I love space and plenty of it, especially in the kitchen and backyard. I am passionate about living a lifestyle that will give me the freedom to do what makes us happy!

I have started a new and exciting journey in my life of having and raising my first child. Being a first time parent I am bound to make a few mistakes however I want to share how I plan to raise my baby on a budget. I am sure I may suggest a few odd tips and perhaps even some thing little out of the ordinary, I did live downunder for many years.. (wink, wink) however I have extremely good and loving intentions to raise a healthy, happy and well educated child.

About BabyAlerts.ca:
BabyAlerts.ca is an online source to help Canadian moms just like myself save money on baby, pregnancy and maternity products.  We offer Canadian Mom and baby coupons, Canadian Mom and Baby deals, and ways to raise a baby on a budget.

I will offer what I believe our child needs to grow up in today’s challenging society where bigger is better and having more is a status of success – apparently…

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