Spread the news about your product or service to a targeted audience. The readers here at Baby Alerts Canada are Canadian Moms looking to save money and to raise a baby on a budget.

Build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, extend your reach into our audience and offer our voice to your products by running your ad campaign on BabyAlerts.ca

Banner Ads

Baby Alerts offers banner Ads on the homepage, as well throughout other pages. It’s highly visible and a great way to build awareness for your brand.

We offer six different options in ad placement:

  1. 230 x 90 ad banner in the header- Placed at the top of the website. Everyone who visits the site will see your ad on every page.
  2. 300 x 60 ad banner in the sidebar – Placed under the menu bar at the top of the website and seen on every page.
  3. 125 x 125 ad banner in the sidebar – Placed below the fold, visitors who scroll down the page just a bit see these ads and on every page.
  4. 300×250 ad banner in the sidebar – This is a large banner, it’s seen by everyone who visits the website without having to scroll.
  5. 670 x 120 Rotating banner and specific number of monthly impressions. This ad is placed ½ way down the page above the menu bar and is seen on the homepage by everyone who visits the website.
  6. 468×60 ad banner in the signature line of each post – viewed by every visitor and subscriber who reads a post, this is one of the most viewed slots.


Sponsored Newsletter

Baby Alerts sponsored newsletters offers two options in advertising and positioned. Our sponsored newsletters catch reader’s eye in their daily email and contain links back to your website. They’re a great way to promote an event or service and build brand awareness or just drive traffic to your website.

1.    Top left hand side on newsletter
• 50 – 100 words of copy
• Up to two links to your business
• One 230 x 90 ad

2.     Bottom right hand side on newsletter
• 100– 250 words of copy
• Up to six links to your business
• One 300 x 250 ad

Social Media

  • Social media marketing campaigns to engage the public and offer our voice on your products.
  • Participation in campaigns that advertisers offer.

Sponsored posts:

  1. Sponsored posts are accepted on a limited basis . The content must be suitable, run along with current series of website and be original content. See Submit Request
  2. Reviews are taken on a limited basis. I will write and review all products.
  3. Giveaways are a great option to get your product in front of interested buyers, especially when combined with reviews. I will provide all my own content and aim to direct traffic to your website.

Baby Alerts can also work together on integrated campaigns, and blog sponsorship.

**You must provide your own images and banners ads.

**All ads will need to be approved by Baby Alerts Canada

For more information, pricing or to discuss sponsored posts, reviews or giveaways, as well as integrated campaigns, please contact:

Lina Zussino, at lina@babyalerts.ca or (877) 402-3993 ext. 103