It’s that time when baby begins to move around and I’m thinking to baby proof or not to baby proof. I’ve overheard the conversation and discussion recently while taking a gym class in the ladies change room and wonder myself, should I be baby proofing the home? Is it really necessary?


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My little baby is now 7 months old and is starting to get into everything. She certainly doesn’t understand the word “no” at this stage in life and come to think of it I still don’t know the meaning of the word “no” in my late 30′s.

As a child I’ve always asked “why” when I was told no. As I got older my mom would say, never say never! I was brought up in the way to think of no as an opportunity to learn something new.

When it comes to baby-proofing, safety is my number one concern. That means baby proofing should actually mean safe guarding your child from hazards such as medicine, hazardous liquids and yes the staircase.

As my baby grows I see how she takes interest in everything around her so it is natural for her to want to touch, hold and let me know forget try to eat everything! It’s okay for children to play with pots and pans and your Tupperware containers.

Keeping it simple like closing doors of rooms you don’t want your child wandering into makes sense to me. Placing gates at the staircase is also commonsense as is keeping glass out of reach but going overboard is something I’m not planning on doing.

All I know is that my home will get messy and I will need to clean up after my child. Watching her explore makes me smile as she is amazed with everything around her I will sit back and watch.

As a parent I believe our job is to allow our children to explore and use commonsense to guard out the dangers they may encounter on their ventures.

What is your opinion on baby proofing the home, do you plan to safe guard your child?