Thanks goodness for the Woon iDoll. There is a darn good reason why I’m not one of the contestants on Canada’s got talent, I can not sing nor can I preform! The good news is that I don’t have to even try anymore.

The WOON idoll is the ultimate companion to enrich the lifestyle of today’s modern parents and children alike. The doll has a built-in speaker that plugs into your MP3. It’s little pouch allows you to tuck away the MP3 safely. All a parent need sto do is download their favourite music and it will nourish the child with it’s sounds.

WOON idolls easily fasten onto any stroller, crib, car seat, diaper tote or school bag — and are quickly taking over strollers, playgrounds and college dorm rooms across the globe.

It is perfect for strolls, playtime and bedtime rituals – you’ll never have to endure another endless loop of “Twinkle Twinkle” again! Eva loves her WOON idoll and so do I. Truth be told, when I’m out for a run while Eva is sleeping in the stroller I am listen to my own music. Good for babies and great for running moms too.

 Even better, you now have a chance to win a WOON idoll, one lucky winner will be randomly selected Nov. 28, 2012.aa Rafflecopter giveaway


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